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Powerless: Feature Film

Form: Feature
Run time: 80 minutes
Tagline: What if darkness was the only way to find light

Director: Matthew B. P. Daniels [IMDB]
Writers: Matthew B. P. Daniels [IMDB], Seth J. W. Wilkins
Cast: Bethany Wilkins, Matthew Daniels , Hannah Polland, Matthew Wilkins
Official Website: www.powerlessmovie.net
Available on DVD: Amazon.co.uk

When Sarah witnessed the murder of her father in a London back ally her life was shattered. Moving far away from the city was the only thing that seemed to make sense.

But moving your life can't always change your life. An overwhelming sense of loss has left Sarah's family damaged and divided.

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When the power fails during a muted New Years Eve celebration in their remote mountain home, the family soon realise that something devastating has occurred. Vulnerable and alone (Sarah's mother having left only a day earlier) Sarah and her three younger siblings must learn to survive in a new and uncertain world. Struggling for food, insecure and reeling in a search for meaning the family is yet to face its deepest challenge... the past. the manufacturing advisory service is dedicated to helping make a difference to manufacturing.


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